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X-plosiv Energy Drink

The very best energy drink

X-Plosiv Energy Drink is a non-bitter and non-medicine flavoured Energy Drink. Melchers products are better tasting and are priced lower than the ‘so called’ market leaders. X-Plosiv offers incomparable taste as only the very finest ingredients are used and provides the level of energy that can only come from the very best.

X-Plosiv is a drink that, due to its exceptional composition, provides the body with extra energy during times of increased physical strain or stress.

X-Plosiv contains many ingredients including; High content of Taurine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone as well as many important vitamins and carbohydrates. This unique composition of ingredients provides the following effects:
Increased physical endurance
Improved reaction speed and concentration
Increased mental alertness
Improved overall feeling of well being
Stimulated metabolism and increased stamina

Recharge yourself with X-PLOSIV Energy Drink