Energy Drinks & Alco Pops

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Trend-setting Energy Drinks and Alco Pops

With a commitment to meet the latest drink trends, Melchers produces a growing portfolio of refreshing Energy Drinks and Alco-pops.

X-Plosiv was one of the first energy drinks to the market and has found its way since 1994 to many markets in the world. Another famous trend-starter Hoopers HOOCH – the first ever alcopop – is also being produced by the Melchers Group. Latest trends in this segment include the premixed Energy drink and Vodka mixers in cans such as X-PLOSIV VODKA MIX.


Private Label Energy Drinks

Melchers is a supplier of Private Label Energy drinks and beverages. If you are looking for a company that can help you produce your own private label energy drink, canned drink or beverage, please contact us