Distillery for quality spirits and private label liquor

P. MELCHERS DISTILLERY – LOCOMOTIEF – founded in 1837 by the Melchers family and since then built their distilling tradition.

The distillery started as a small family business but rapidly increased their activities in the liquor trade to become one of the leading and important producers and exporters of Dutch Genevers, Liqueurs and the famous Dutch Advocaat.

When taken over in 1975 by the Vonk family the distillery has expanded and became a large producer and exporter of beverages and spirits with markets in many foreign countries, providing this markets with products such as Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Rum, Liqueurs and Creams. With Rembrandt Vodka, Dry Gin, Light & Dry White Rum and Golden Dark Rum as one of the strong branded products.


Private Label Liquors

Melchers Distillery produces Private Label Vodka, Whisky and liquors for customers in Europe, The Middle East, The Far East and South America. If you are looking for a distillery that can help you produce your own private label liquor, please contact us